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What Options Do You Have for Drug Rehab?

What Options Do You Have for Drug Rehab?

When going to the best drug rehab centers in California, you do have options. The treatment isn’t the same for every person who needs to overcome addiction. Some people need an inpatient program, others may only need outpatient and there are programs in between as well. Finding out more about these options allows you to see what could be the best course for your recovering lifestyle. If you have further questions, you can call today to ask.

Inpatient Programs

One of the first options you have for drug rehab are the inpatient programs. This is recommended most for those with a moderate to severe addiction. Most of the time this program will begin with the detox program. From there, the recovering addict will transition over to the inpatient program. This could generally last from 30 days to 1 year. A 6 month stay is quite common. The program will be daily and help the recovering addict to get back on their feet without the triggers of home life.

Program for Partial Hospitalization

Another option from the best drug rehab centers in California is partial hospitalization. This is a lot like the program for inpatients. However, usually this is only on the weekdays for most of the day. The recovering addict can go home in the evenings and on the weekends. This is a program that allows the recovering addict to adjust back to home life with more ease. They still get a lot of treatment and support while going back to life outside of rehab at the same time.

Getting Intensive Outpatient

Many recovering addicts need intensive outpatient treatment as well. This does not require them to stay in the best drug rehab centers in California. However, it does require them to still receive therapy at least three to four days each week for about two to three hours in each session. They need intensive supervision to help them deal with issues and obstacles in life.

Normal Outpatient Treatment

Some recovering addicts only need normal outpatient treatment. This is still beneficial. However, it is generally only recommended for those who have mild to moderate addictions. They may receive weekly therapy sessions, go to support groups or addiction recovery meetings. The recovering addict is back in their home life.

These are some of the drug rehab options. You may want to call to get more information and to see which is right for you.